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The Promises of God

In this Advent season we are looking at the Promises of God, a long with the hope, love, joy, and peace that is represented in the advent wreath. Last week we went to the begging, back to the fall of man. We saw that the world would never be the same again, but we also saw the promise that God would never let go. He would do anything to get back His companions, His love. On that day in the darkness, He promises new hope, a restoration of Eden with a new Heaven and new Earth.

This week is one of my favorite passages, but at the same time it scares me. We are looking at the Aqedah, or the binding of Isaac. This story is about a promise of God, Abraham, and Isaac. A test of faith, and a tale of a sacrifice that God could not bear to see man give, but points to the sacrifice that God Himself will give freely to restore the relationship that they once had in the garden.

Every time I read this passage I find myself in tears, I think of what God asked of Abraham, I often wonder if I was in his place would I be able to obey as he did. I then think how God felt that day in the garden, when Adam and Eve destroyed all that God had built. To top it off He gave a piece of Himself as a sacrifice, a sacrifice that He would not let Abraham give. To restore creation like it once was, and relationships with God once again.

In this advent season as we prepare for Christmas, let’s think of all that He chooses to do for us purely because He loves us. He wants nothing more than to be in our lives, to share in every moment, every emotion, every second of every day. We give credit to Abraham for his faith, as we should, but what about the faith of the Father. The faith that we will want to come back, the faith that we will come home.

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